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By Imre

10 LP hoezen by Andy Warhol

On 06, jan 2015 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By Imre

Andy Warhol was een muziekliefhebber. Hij maakte vriendschappen met muzikanten als the Rolling Stones, the Velvet Underground en anderen. Bekijk de 10 album covers ontworpen door Andy Warhol en je zult zien dat de man een zeer getalenteerd illustrator was en iconische covers heeft ontworpen waar we vandaag de dag nog steeds van mogen genieten.

1. The Rolling Stones “Love You Live”

















Artist: The Rolling Stones

Album: Love You Live

Year: 1977

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger couldn’t agree on songs so Love You Live became a two-disc album, one disc for each songwriter. The artwork for this album was prepared by Andy Warhol, but the pencil smeers across the front were actually added by Mick Jagger (to Warhol’s dismay).


2. John Lennon “Menlove Ave”

















Artist: John Lennon

Album: Menlove Ave

Year: 1986

Menlove Ave is a collection of alternates and outtakes from the recording sessions for Walls & Bridges and Rock ‘n’ Roll. This album is named after the childhood home of John Lennon and was his least successful album.


3. RCA Victor “Progressive Piano”

















Artist: RCA Victor

Album: Progressive Piano

Year: 1952

This rare covered album contains some of the greatest jazz pianists of the time including Art Tatum, Lennie Tristano, Mary Lou Williams, and Andre Previn.


4. The Velvet Underground “The Velvet Underground & Nico”

















Artist: The Velvet Underground

Album: The Velvet Underground & Nico

Year: 1967

The Velvet Underground & Nico is the debut album for the American rock group which focused on controversial subject matter like drug abuse, prostitution, sadism, masochism, and sexual deviancy. Ahead of its time, the album was a commercial failure until it was listed on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, as well as being added to the 2006 National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress.


5. Paul Anka “The Painter”

















Artist: Paul Anka

Album: The Painter

Year: 1976

Paul Anka was one of the biggest teen idols of all time; he even recorded songs with Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond. The Painter is considered one of his “West coast” sounding albums prior to the British Invasion of pop and rock music.


6. Billy Squier “Emotions in Motion”

















Artist: Billy Squier

Album: Emotions in Motion

Year: 1982

Emotions in Motion is one of Billy Squier’s most popular albums, peaking at number five on the Billboard 200. “Everybody Wants You,” a hit from this album, has been used for shows Burn Notice, Chuck, and Sex and the City.


7. Liza Minnelli “Live At Carnegie Hall”

















Artist: Liza Minnelli

Album: Live At Carnegie Hall

Year: 1979

Liza Minneli’s Live At Carnegie Hall album was released in the midst of her already extremely successful career in theater, television, and film. With 11 sold-out shows, this was the longest guest appearance that an artist ever held in Carnegie Hall, and she made ​​it a globally recognized comeback. This is still one of her most famous albums.


8. Kenny Burrell “Blue Lights”

















Artist: Kenny Burrell

Album: Blue Lights

Year: 1958

Kenny Burrell, an American jazz musician, has recorded approximately 106 albums and collaborations. One of his most notable, Blue Lights was originally released as two seperate LPs.


9. Rats & Star “Soul Vacation”

















Artist: Rats & Star

Album: Soul Vacation

Year: 1983

Rats & Star, formerly called the Chanels, were an all male J-pop group heavily influenced by doo-wop music. The group’s name is a palindrome, reading the same forwards and backwards, and symbolizes “rats” raised in the less affluent parts of town that could, by singing doo-wop music, reverse their fortunes and collectively become a “star.”


10. Aretha Franklin “Aretha”


















Artist: Aretha Franklin

Album: Aretha

Year: 1986

This album from the legendary Aretha Franklin includes her latest number one hit single “I Knew You Were Waiting for Me” with George Michael. Aretha was her only album release for more than a decade until 1998’s “A Rose Is Still a Rose.”

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